The first satellite destined exclusively to the people of Peru

Millions of peruvians will be now conected

Peru is characterized by its beautiful, yet challenging geography. That’s why   thousands of rural locations remain isolated, without access to the Internet or to cellular telephony.

Thanks to its satellite Andesat 1, Andesat Group and its strategic partner Astranis will make possible for millions of Peruvians to access 4G connectivity for the first time in their lives.


ANDESAT 1, a new generation of satellites

Andesat 1 is a micro geostationary satellite built by Astranis in the United States. These kind of satellites are smaller, more economical and more efficient than traditional geostationary satellites.

These features allow Andesat 1 to focus solely on Peru, providing accessible, fast and reliable broadband connectivity to all its people.

“This is a historical event, not only for Peru but also for all of Latin America”

Pablo Rasore
CEO Andesat Group

An increasingly connected peru

Andesat 1 has arrived to strengthen the work of Andesat group through its project “We Connect you, Peru”. Under OIMR, a regulatory figure created by the government of Peru, Andesat Peru – an Andesat Group company- has come up with an effective and sustainable solution for extending connectivity to rural areas known as “greenfield”.

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“This agreement with Andesat Group is aligned with our mission to make broadband Internet accessible to all”

John Gedmark
CEO Astranis

Building strategic partnerships that can transform LIVES

Building strategic partnerships that can transform LIVES

Nowadays, four billion people around the world don’t have Internet access. Andesat Group and Astranis have built a strategic alliance based on a shared mission: to bring connectivity to places that didn´t have this service before. 

Andesat 1 is just the first step in the partnership between Andesat Group and Astranis. Both companies continue working together and sealing new agreements in order to launch new satellites in the near future.

Andesat Group,

the only company in Latin America

with a satellite of its own

At Andesat Group, we continuously work towards expanding our horizons.

The arrival of Andesat 1 is the latest addition to our current infrastructure of three teleports of our own:



Buenos Aires



Buenos Aires